• Test automation helps in reducing regression testing time and cutting down the time to market with significant cost savings on a long-term basis.
  • Proven end to end selenium automation testing process for customers.
  • Expertise in all leading open source and commercial automation tools for the web, desktop, and mobile applications.
  • Reduce your Regression Cost.
  • Reduce on resource utilization.
  • Perform on Multi-Platform testing at the same time.
  • Enhance consistency and quality of the testing by removing the possibility of any manual errors, and increasing the test coverage simultaneously.
  • As most of them in the software industry knows, there are distinct differences between manual and automated testing.
  • Manual testing requires physical time & effort to ensure the software code does everything it’s supposed to do.
  • In addition, manual testers have to make a record of their findings.
  • This involves checking log files, external services and the database for errors.
  • Automation will help them conserve time and reduce repetitive tasks.

Test Automation

Automated testing is done through an automation tool, less time is needed in exploratory tests and more time is needed in maintaining test scripts while increasing overall test coverage. Automated testing is well-suited for large projects that require testing the same areas over and over; and projects that have already been through an initial manual testing process.

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