Today the enterprises of the world are looking into more external sources of information coupled with internal intelligence for informed decisions.

Shasta has the capability to provide the advanced analytics to enable quick turnaround for the ever-increasing business questions to the ultimate consumer through device independent modes.

BI in architecture and technology

Business intelligence today is both architecture and technology driven and has come a long way since the early days. With rapid advances in the system architecture offerings of the vendors combined with techniques like in-memory computing, BI vendors are compelled to provide near-real-time intelligence to the ever demanding business users.

Our Services in Business Intelligence

Realtime Data Analytical Solutions
Visual Analytics
Database Migration
Data Conversion
OData Connections
Database Performance Tuning

Challenges with BI Projects

Shasta is aware as to how to customize the approach towards the implementation of BI based on their long years of practical experience through full life cycle projects.

Timely, accurate information that is readily actionable without much re-processing is the need of the day. Content and visualization needs of the information vary across the stakeholders in the consuming organization.

Today’s Trends

Today we have the option of so many cost-effective strategies in terms of Cloud storage, several open source technologies for data transformations, visualization, and securitization of the data warehouse. Shasta intends to help the customer make intelligent choices among the many competing drivers that influence the final data provisioning to the end users with a clearly defined mapping between what does one get from what is committed from all stakeholders involved.

If you already have an information system that is not meeting your needs or you have outgrown the same, Shasta would propose a ‘NO COST’ study to come up with the recommendations that will be followed up by a pilot – that is browser-based, device independent and that can be completely automated and secured.

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