ShastaTek has a strong team consisting of project managers, business consultants, software engineers and programmers, testers, designers and technical writers to meet your needs.

Our experience in developing applications in various languages and on various platforms allows us to make judicious decisions while selecting platform and designing software architecture. Our consulting approach would also suggest any process improvements that are needed to leverage the technology as much as possible.

Our highly motivated task force consists of people with various skill sets to take care of the entire Software Development Life Cycle, and deliver the product on time. This team comprises of System Analysts, Programmers, Test Engineers, Database Architects and Domain experts led by experienced IT professionals and computer scientists. Shasta Tek’s Software Development Team is trained to provide well-engineered solutions, based on sound software engineering principles.

Staffing Team

Our staffing team is constantly on the lookout for quality talent that is able to work with and contribute to the team. Our core areas of focus in staffing are to determine a potential candidate’s willingness for the proposed work, and their demonstrated passion to contribute to the team. We offer plenty of opportunities for on-the-job and other skills training required to keep them abreast of current and anticipated technology requirements.

We have a dedicated team of technical support personnel and development staff. The team uses a pro-active approach to addressing problems and takes the initiative to suggest solutions to potential problems. Our technical support team also supports customers on an as-needed basis and delivers to the agreed upon Service Level Agreement.

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