We here at “ShastaTek” keep developing the innovative products and solutions that adds value to our customer’s business needs. Our products can be adapted, customized and used in wide range of industries. Our expertise in building cost-effective affordable high quality solutions for corporate and SMBs enterprises keeps our customers a step ahead of their competitors.


STS Report Builder

Upload your own data and visualize your data as charts, dashboards, data grids and pivots. Import your data from cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive). Set your own custom data type to the column field (Date, TEXT, Number, Decimal etc). Export the report in multiple formats. Excel, PDF, PNG & JPEG.


STS Secure Share

“Secure Share” is an excellent software tool to share your personal / office files in a secure way without depending on any external services. The script can be installed in virtual, shared or dedicated Linux/Windows hosting environments. “Secure Share” is a fully customizable script to suit various industries across globe.


STS UniFlow

Customer Service is the key to success for any business. STS UniFlow, our Customer Support tool assists your organization/ Enterprise to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through our unified workflow process. It's a Powerful, User Friendly and easily managed workflow solution that makes the communication flow.



STS GIS application is a web based Geographic Information System, that makes  it easy for users to upload geospatial data as layers and analyze on the web anytime, anywhere. Visualize and interact with data on map or grid. Display multiple layers on map at a time for analyze and gain valuable insights from your data that can help in decision making.


STS E-Learning

A learning system based on formalized teaching but with the help of electronic resources is known as E-learning. The purpose of this project is to provide Customer Representatives with a virtual learning experience every week. Customer Representatives required to read through a training document and complete a short quiz at the end or sign off on an acknowledgment page.


STS E-Vite

The invitation is the first impression your guests will have for an event. An interesting invitation creates a sense of excitement and preconception. Our Evite is an on line portal to get together through invites for personalized or some corporate events. Participants can login and view their invitation and can send back the acceptance to the organizer.


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