Python continues to maintain the top most preferred language in 2019. One can use Python for developing desktop GUI applications, websites, and web applications. It is another preferred language for AI and machine learning. It is also one of the easily readable and maintainable code base.

Features like dynamic type system and automatic memory management help one develop medium to large and complex applications. It works across many of the popular operating systems. As such it does not demand to customize or redeveloping for each platform.

When it comes to large and robust libraries, Python is miles ahead of others. It has a wide variety of modules that one can use to implement web services, work with any internet protocols and so on.

Python comes with extensive documentation on its libraries. There are quite a few Python web frameworks like Bottle, Cherrypy, Django, Flask and the lot.

Desktop GUI application development can be accelerated using the Python GUI frameworks and toolkits.

Python scores with desktop, web applications and easy to implement scientific and number crunching cores.

It has APIs and data visualization libraries to present data.

Shasta Tek on Python

We have built a model for predicting the customer churn with options for retention using Python machine learning algorithms framework on the trouble calls training data for a leading telecom major. This The trouble call orders were pulled for three different status such as open, closed and canceled, as available from a single data set along with the historical revenue data.

We are currently working on scraping the skills data in a structured format from unstructured CVs. This will be later updated by the applicants using a simple UI. The whole data set will be used for analysis on skill fitting, skill gaps leading to suggestions on the needed training. Next level would be to provide succession plans as well.

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