No enterprise uses a single software. For most efficient running of business workflows, it is imperative that all this software communicate with each other and share their data. We help organization integrate all their solutions using Salesforce platform to get a single integrated collaborative business process management environment.

We help organizations integrate Salesforce seamlessly and smoothly with 3rd Party Software solutions, and experience in connecting all types of cloud-based, server system based solutions, external database systems with Salesforce

The cost of integrating the systems yields a quick return on investment. Combining systems makes it easier to write and modify the code as well as isolate and remedy problems. This lowers implementation costs and increases flexibility.

Operations costs also drop as processes become more streamlined, thereby freeing staff to get more things done where they’re needed most. Employees can also stop working in silos and spend more time focusing on customers and their core responsibilities.

After successfully integrating Salesforce with other systems and apps, employees will have more information at their fingertips. As a result, the organization will provide better customer service and support.

Salesforce Integration Benefits

More and more organizations are integrating Salesforce with their other systems to enhance productivity and boost results. For example, integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks allows both systems to share financial data, customer sales, customer account information and sales opportunities.

  • Offers all-in-one access.Employees won’t have to switch systems to get what they need. They can stay logged into one system to get everything done.
  • Increases productivity. Teams do a lot of cutting and pasting data to ensure it appears in all systems. However, manual tasks can lead to mistakes and turn into a time-waster. Integrated systems have automated checks and balances to ensure they have the same information. The time spent duplicating data will go away and employees get more done.
  • Provides effortless access to data. System integration allows data to be accessed from all the integrated systems. The more data you have and can convert into meaningful information, the more information you have for making better decisions.
  • Enhances communication. One department may be more comfortable with Salesforce while another prefers to work with a different system. Integrating the two systems allows each team to work in the system they prefer, which streamlines communications and leads to more information sharing.
  • Automates workflows without any code. Since integrated systems play nice together, their workflows can be automated with point-and-click.
  • Provides more insightful reporting. Employees get more detailed and relevant reports that will help them make better decisions and take the best actions.

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