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Data has been the focal point of organizations in the past and present. From Data warehouse of the Inmon & Kimball days, we are standing on the fringes of the Big Data Lakes!

Those were the days one was looking inward and whenever the need to look at the external data arose, people connected to the third-party supplied environmental information including that of the competition.

Today it takes a lot of doing to do the same thing - in terms of collecting the internal and external data, the decisions on how and where to store the collected data, best-suited algorithms to identify the so-called hidden patterns and so on. There are new roles like Chief data officer, Data scientist, machine learning engineer, social media analyst and the like.

We are now in the age where we would be surprised to find that it is your own customer on social media, driving your potential, hitherto unknown customers away from you.

While we could always find ways and means of re-structuring an unstructured or semi-structured data, it is the deluge of data emanating from sensors, social media, and other digital and non-digital communications modes, forced the DATA industry to look elsewhere for a solution. Added to the chaos, the handling cost per unit of large volume data required by the solution mongers of the appliances lot, increased project cycle time, scarcity of resources around those technologies finally gave justifiable room for the birth of Big Data technologies based on open source.

What is Our Offering

Shasta Tek, who has been managing the business intelligence mostly on the structured format, are now geared to provide cost-effective Big data solutions.

  • Can provide End-to-end automated Bid data analytics solutions with our own analytics and data visualization tools.
  • Solution includes data integration from sources of all formats like structured, unstructured and semi-structured.
  • Through the subscription on streaming data, we can help customers on sentiment analytics with user-defined notification based on thresholds like number of unfavorable comments in the social media.
  • Our machine learning team can get you deeper insights into your overwhelming data clutter.
  • Our data visualization combined with threshold alert based dashboards reduces the cognitive load on the business user thus by accelerating the needed actions.
  • Our Team chooses technologies based on the CAP theorem
  • We have knowledge and experience in the Cloud platform of Azure and AWS.

ETL Architecture

Services that Shasta can Offer

  • Consulting services for the in-house data warehouse data migration to Cloud architecture as is basis
  • End to end solution for migration from traditional data ware house architecture to Big data platform
  • Optimize the current ETL process to help you get the best performance from the investment
  • Help institute a data quality governance process without which the analytics may become less useful
  • Manage and administer your Big data environment
  • Help build analytics around customer behaviour, Sales, campaign, marketing, call centre, financials and so on
  • Build sentiment analytics based on relevant streaming data from the social media
  • Pave the path for predictive analytics leading to more reliable forecasts
  • Provide you with an Integrated Advanced Analytics platform with data from CRM, revenue management OSS/BSS, Digital marketing, call centre, third party service providers information, Network information
  • With vast experience in the ETL process, we can come up with a controllable and predictable performance that meets industry standards


  • Shasta Tek is a one-stop shop for all of your functional and integrated analytics
  • We are aware of all the touch points of the customer in all domain
  • We have SMEs who are thorough with the data dictionary of all the technology platforms used by you such as CRM, Digital marketing and other channels, typical Sales and service organization structure in all industries
  • Our team is aware of the daily, weekly, monthly and ad-hoc information needs for reviews and decision making
  • Our cloud administration team can help you set up the Cloud-based Analytics platform quickly
  • Team has experience with all forms of data such as structured, semi and unstructured

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Data are becoming the new raw material of business. Shasta is ready to answer your questions and get a complete understanding of your needs – to receive a customized demo, Fill out the form.

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