Shasta delivers customized DevOps solutions and services using customized tools for better business impacts.

DevOps is a culture or practice applied for software application development & operations to achieve high efficiency in productivity and delivery. For any organization, DevOps has become an essential capability for a successful agile process, rapid product releases, reduced customer feedback cycles, automation, continuous integration, testing, tracking, monitoring, and deployments. DevOps practice clears the barriers in traditional software lifecycle model by breaking the tasks into small pieces to achieve continuous deployment and testing in a short span of time.

DevOps Tools







DevOps Benefits

  • Continuous integration and delivery of s/w projects and products.
  • Faster bug resolution, increased productivity and more frequent delivery.
  • Improved agile delivery process.
  • Stable Production/QA & UAT environments with high security and data protection.
  • Higher cooperation among Customer/Business/DEV/QA & Operations team.
  • Continuous improvement on application quality, Minimized Failures, De-Risk Deployments and Focus on creativity and innovation.
  • More focus on customer requirements & reduced the customer feedback lifecycle.
  • Improved Customer satisfaction and customer value.
  • Improved development practices, culture, project management, time budget, environment regulation, employee skills & performance.

DevOps at ShastaTek

It’s important for any organization to embrace the best practices in the software industry and stay ahead in the race. Shasta has been practicing DevOps for the past four years. Shasta’s DevOps infrastructure are as follows


Confluence, JIRA


GIT, SVN, BitBucket


Maven, Ant, Grunt, NPM


Selenium, JMeter, JUnit



Deploy & Monitor

AWS, Digital Ocean, Chef, Nagios

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