Customize applications and access cloud services from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud computing provides more simplified access to the server, storage, database and application resources.

Cloud infrastructure refers to the hardware and software components -- such as servers, storage, a network, and virtualization software -- that are needed to support the computing requirements of a cloud computing model.

The cloud is commonly used to refer to several servers connected to the internet that can be leased as part of a software or application service. Cloud-based services can include web hosting, data hosting and sharing, and software or application use.

One of the advantages of cloud storage is that there are many distributed resources acting as one – often called federated storage clouds. This makes the cloud very tolerant of faults, due to the distribution of data. Use of the cloud tends to reduce the creation of different versions of files, due to shared access to documents, files and data.

Why your business needs a cloud ?

Cost Efficient
Agility and Flexibility
Needs less maintenance
Application and Infrastructure
Integration and Standardization
Inscreased storage capacity and Automation

What are the benefits of a cloud server?

A cloud server gives the business user stability and security because any software problems are isolated from your environment. Other cloud servers won’t impact on your cloud server and vice versa. If another user overloads their cloud server, this will have no impact on your cloud server, unlike with physical servers.

Cloud servers are stable, fast and secure. They avoid the hardware issues seen with physical servers, and they are likely to be the most stable option for businesses wanting to keep their IT budget down.

Cloud servers provide faster service for your money. You’ll get more resources and faster service than you would for a similar price of the physical server. A cloud-hosted website will run faster.

You get scalability with cloud servers. It is very easy and quick to upgrade by adding memory and disk space, as well as being more affordable.

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