• Desk.com is a cloud-based help desk software for small businesses and desk solution mainly focused on today's changing support environment.
  • An environment where customers are not only talking to you but also about you.
  • Utilizing Desk.com's real-time agent interface allows you to handle both traditional 1-to-1 communications as well as monitor and respond to social media.
  • Every customer communication is actionable and reportable, allowing you to easily manage your support needs.
  • We compiled Desk.com reviews from our website and available reviews from around the web to determine what their customers think about the company.
  • We also compared the most popular pricing options for small business owners.

Desk.com Benefits

Case management to assign and route cases to the appropriate agents.

Multi-channel support including Facebook and Twitter, email, phone, live chat, and discussion boards.

Mobile app for support access anywhere.

Productivity tools including macros, labels, and case filters.

A self-service portal and knowledge base for customers and agents.

Reporting and analytics features including customer satisfaction scores, business insights, and performance monitoring.

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Allow sales and support to work tightly together to provide better service to your customers by making use of Desk.com Reach us.

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