STS Report Builder

STS Report Builder

Your Own Data: Upload your own data and visualize your data as charts, dashboards, data grids & pivots.

Import from Cloud: Import your data from cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive).

Custom Data Type: Set your own custom data type to the column field (Date, TEXT, Number, Decimal etc).

Multiple format export: Export the report in multiple formats. Excel, PDF, PNG & JPEG.

Collaborative BI: Share your reports to your team and organization via cloud (Drive and Dropbox).

Restful API Support: Extract the data set via API and use it anywhere any time.

Apply Functions: Apply SUM, COUNT, and Average functions to your graph.

Report Management: Manage and analyze the usage of the created reports at the ease.

Graph Settings: Apply custom settings to your graphs (Line, Bar, Stacked, custom colors, custom graph texts, line, animations, rotate chart, 3D Charts etc.). Almost every aspect of your chart can be customized on your own.

Interactive Analytics: Explore all data in number of combinations. Explore more on your business and get answers to your questions you haven’t thought before.

Interactive Dashboards: Create your own custom interactive dashboards anywhere anytime, share it with your colleague's in organization.


Annotate Charts: Draw your own shapes, write your own text inside chart to mark/indicate key events in charts. Annotations help the user to mark the KRAs & KPIs with much less effort.

Custom Form Filters: Apply custom form filters for your charts and grids.

Real Time Analytics: Support for real-time analytics via NRT ETL.

Embed Reports: Embed the created reports anywhere in your application.

Multiple X Axis: Apply multiple axis to your report.

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