Why Angular?

Looking to build a modern day web application with appealing sleek design & the desktop-like user interface with a right structural and architectural framework? Angular is one of the best available choices today. Angular is a full-featured typescript based frontend framework, developed and supported by Google Inc. Angular excels in building dynamic single page web applications (SPA’s) and supports MVC (Model View Controller) architectural pattern. With more and more developers are migrating to Angular, it is now becoming the face of web and mobile. With the growing community of developers daily, Angular is becoming widespread in creating web applications & websites for e-commerce, media & entertainment. Companies like Godaddy, Walmart, PayPal, Netflix & YouTube are using Angular. ShastaTek’ s full stack proficient Angular team has successfully developed robust angular applications and products across multiple domains industries (SaaS, E-Commerce, Web application Portals & Social Media). Hire a top Angular team from ShastaTek and get an extra edge in application development.

Angular Advantages

  1. Supported by Google
  2. SPA’s at enterprise scale
  3. Secure, Reliable internet rich applications
  4. Rich in Modularity and Code organization
  5. Supports MVC
  6. Angular CLI prompt
  7. Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compiler
  8. Progressive web apps
  9. Supports web mobile and desktop
  10. i18n support
  11. Data Binding
  12. Dependency injection
  13. Code Reusability
  14. Powerful Eco System

Angular Development Services at ShastaTek

  1. Angular custom web application/portal development
  2. Angular E-Commerce application development
  3. Angular UI/UX & Prototype development
  4. Plugins, Analytical tools and Dashboards
  5. Migration support
  6. Application Support and maintenance
  7. SEO friendly SPA’s
  8. Agile project management
  9. Continuous delivery and Continuous integration
  10. End to End QA services using karma & Jasmine
  11. Active end to end support

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