HPE Unified Functional Testing (UFT) software, formerly known as HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) which is a product of Hewlett Packard (HP), provides functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments.

HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), an automated functional testing tool that helps testers to perform automated regression testing in order to identify any gaps, errors/defects in contrary to the actual/desired results of the application under test. This tutorial will give you an in-depth understanding on HP QuickTest Professional, its way of usage, record and playback of tests, object repository, actions, checkpoints, sync points, debugging, test results, etc. and other related terminologies.

Languages Used

HPE Unified Functional testing supports keyword and scripting interfaces along with features of a graphical user interface. It uses the Visual Basic scripting language to specify a test procedure and to manipulate the objects and controls of the application under test. In addition to that VB Script, UFT supports Javascript and Windows shell script.

With this HP UFT Mobile support, the user will be able to generate mobile platform agnostic scripts which are used to automate IOS and Android devices.

Why QTP is the best testing tool?

  • It is an icon-based tool that automates the regression and Functional Testing of an application
  • Both technical, as well as a non-technical tester, can use Micro Focus QTP
  • It provides both features- Record as well as Playback
  • We can test Desktop as well as the Web-based applications
  • It allows Business Process Testing (BPT)
  • QTP Testing is based on scripting language VB script
  • Micro Focus's UFT uses VBScript to automate applications
  • It supports the largest pool of software development environments like SAP, Oracle etc..
  • QTP tool helps the testers to perform an automated functional testing uninterrupted.

Advantages of QTP Automation

  • It supports record and playback
  • It uses an active screen to record scripts and helps tester in referring the screen object properties
  • It has excellent object identification process or mechanism
  • It supports different add-ins like Oracle, Java, SAP, NET, Web Forms, People soft, etc..
  • It allows you to enhance the existing tests even without the AUT through an active screen
  • It supports popular automation frameworks- keyword driven testing approach, modular testing approach, data-driven testing approach, etc..
  • It comes with an inbuilt IDE
  • It can be integrated with Test management tools like Quality Center, Test Director, and Windrunner
  • Different types of suites like Smoke, Regression, Sanity can be easily maintained.

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