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Who Needs ‘Secure Share’ ?


Looking for software to manage your organization’s sensitive documents in your own secure and private network?  We assure, you are at the right place! ‘Secure Share’ can be adapted to be used in wide range of industries such as Hospitals, Health care, Educational institutions, Retailers etc.

  •  Custom development support
  • Easy deployment and integration with your existing solutions
  • Customize the application to suit different levels of organization
  • Enforce your own content sharing policies, prevent un-authorized users from accessing your documents
  • Easy & simplified user administration, user roles creation
  • Fully customizable user level access restrictions
  • Your own logos with corporate branding
  • Guaranteed customer support for installation and integration
  • Chat, Messaging & real-time Notifications
  • Dashboards, Graphs & Stats
  • Comments, Notifications on uploaded documents
  • Email & SMS alerts
  • Multi language support

With “Secure Share” integrated to the system, Organizations need not worry about BYOD policy! Your data is secure in your own server!

Software Companies

Looking for a file sharing application as a plugin for easy integration with your existing applications?  “Secure Share” is the right choice! “Secure Share” is fully designed as plug and play tool keeping software companies and developers in mind.

  • Built using open source technologies
  • Integrate with your application using REST API Services.
  • LDAP and Single-Sign-on support
  • Import users from external source
  • Easy code customization
  • Detailed activity & application logs
  • Document versioning & History
  •  E-mail, SMS notifications
  • Enriched UX and design and customization
  • Chat & Messaging Features
  • Guaranteed end-to-end customer support