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Website Optimization

A website should be optimized in all aspects to load faster. Website Optimization yield more traffic, gets better rank in Google, yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

WebYour customers do not want to wait

Slow loading websites gives negative impression to customers over vendor’s credibility and it brings down sales/revenue growth steadily.
Study says, there’s a 90% chance that customer may not return to your site if the site has performance issues. Slow loading sites has higher bounce rates, fewer page views, low conversion rates and keep your customers frustrated.

 “Site performance and speed are directly proportional to your business growth!”


Optimization services at Shasta…
  • Shasta strictly follows Google recommendations on website optimization process (Google page speed insights).
  • We perform load test on every single webpage and make sure that every page loads in less than a second.
  • We have a tested and proven methodology starting from design to development to accelerate the process of optimization through continuous improvements.
  • Our optimization techniques include compressing, caching, using content delivery networks, software updates, plugin updates, server up gradation,  DB optimization.
  • Vast experience in optimizing data driven websites.
  • Regular site auditing for speed and performance