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UX Design & Graphics

UX Design and GraphicsA website success depends on how the user perceives it… The objective of spending time and money in “UX” design and research is to make your customer happy and gain their trust.

User Experience matters

A recent study shows that websites which give more importance to UX realize increase in revenue by 30-40 % when compared to traditional designs
90 % of the users do not bother to return to the website because of poor design and performance. If UX design does not appeal to the target audience, companies will lose place in the competitive online market.
The idea behind UX research is to create design for user which makes them feel that they are more live and connected with the application.

In simple terms “Invest in UX research and Design to increase ROI”.

We here at Shasta give importance and emphasis on “User-focused Design”.
We have professional designers capable of building unique and user-friendly websites.

Benefits of UX Design and Research
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Attracts new customers
  • Increased customer turnaround time
  • Increased productivity & Sales
  • Decreased bounce rate.
  • Increased conversion and sales.
Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Smart phone and tablet users almost tripled in the last few years and so has the importance of RWD. We here at Shasta have a team of experts to develop extremely flexible & friendly responsive designs which can run on PC, laptop, Tablets & Mobiles.

UX Design and Graphics, Responsive UI

  • Single website URL for all devices
  • Responsive web sites gets higher ranking in Google
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased visibility in search engines
  • Easily manageable & cost effective
Services Offered at Shasta
  • UX consulting
  • Corporate Web Design
  • UX Designs
  • PSD to XHTML
  • Prototyping
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Open source theming and customization
  • Maintenance and support