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API Integration

API IntegrationEvery mobile and website applications need to connect with other 3rd party applications for the application to look more engaging. API Integration (Application Programming Interface) helps us to integrate or connect our applications to other advanced software systems for data exchange & authorization.
Shasta has an expert team to develop/integrate API services using both SOAP and Rest protocols.

Our services on API include

  • Online SaaS (Software as a services) applications such as Salesforce.
  • API Services for Android and IOS platforms.
  • Payment Gateway Integrations such as PayPal, , Google 2CheckOut.
  • SMS Gateway integration.
  • API integration with shipping services such as FedEx , UPS.
  • Geolocation API services : Google Maps and  Google Earth API.
  • API integration with other 3rd party social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, Flicker, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.
  • API integration with online shopping platforms like AWS (Amazon web services, eBay & Yahoo Shopping API).
  • API integration with advertising platforms like Google Ad Sense and Ad words.