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Web Application Development

A user-friendly website  that suits your business is a low cost yet an important marketing strategy that helps to grow your business in the number of ways. Every year consumer online presence increases by an average of 22%. A retailer or a corporate, online presence is more important to establish your credibility.
An average of 40% of world population has internet access today and recent study reveals that 70% of the online consumers prefer online shopping.

Shasta is an expert in web application development with robust architecture and design. We understand the requirements and design applications that are tailored to suit the business needs with extremely user friendly design.

Web Application Development

Building or re-vamping a website has following advantages…

  • Strong online presence
  • Increased sales and conversion
  • Targeted customers via digital marketing
  • Increased customer turn around
  • Branding, increased credibility and customer loyalty
  • Improved communication with customers and customer feedback

Our services on web development includes…

CMS (Content Management System)
UX Design and Graphics
Search Engine Optimization
Web Application Security
Website Optimization
API Integration Services