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Customer Service is the key to success for any business. Uniflow, our Customer Support tool assists your organization/ Enterprise to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through our unified workflow process.

Uniflow is a Powerful, User Friendly and easily managed MIS solution that makes the communication flow seamlessly between the departments/ Groups and support personnel across the geographic boundaries.



Streamlined Communication

We cannot presume that in an organization, a single customer support staff

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Uniflow can be configured to trigger authentication from existing corporate network

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The privileges for the users will be defined in the Self- Administrative panel. Access policies defined

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Certain issues require more explanation, which cannot be revealed in a small text area.

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Saved Filters Option

Customer Support Staff can customize and save the Ticket filter settings to view the tickets

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The admin can send out notification alert to all the Customer support personnel or to specific

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Realtime Analytics

Inbuilt Realtime Analytics will feed vital information for the management to make decisions

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Realtime analytics is represented pictorially via Charts and Graphs this gives snapshot

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Uniflow is a web based solution which can be configured on cloud and Standalone Servers within premises

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Technology Open Source

Server-Side Scripting Language: PHP

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