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Uniflow Features

Streamlined Communication

We cannot presume that in an organization, a single customer support staff can be specialized in all verticals of the services or its organization products. Uniflow solutions provide the option for the customer support staff to push the ticket to the respective service/product department, from where the fast and appropriate response is fed to the ticket.


Uniflow can be configured to trigger authentication from existing corporate network (Active Directory/ LDAP). This will prevent security breach by external users.


The privileges for the users will be defined in the Self- Administrative panel. Access policies defined for the users can be edited time to time per the requirement by the admin.


Certain issues require more explanation, which cannot be revealed in a small text area. Hence, Uniflow offers option to attach files, where the issue can be detailed more. Type of files that can be attached are:

  • Word
  • PDF
  • Image files
  • Excel

Saved Filters Option

Customer Support Staff can customize and save the Ticket filter settings to view the tickets in their page list.


The admin can send out notification alert to all the Customer support personnel or to specific group of Customer support personnel depending on the requirement

Realtime Analytics

Inbuilt Realtime Analytics will feed vital information for the management to make decisions in two modes.

  • Solve the current Business issues
  • Help to strategize future business based on the Trend Analysis

Few Realtime Analytics are

  • Statistics of Open, Pending, Assigned, Resolved and Closed Tickets
  • Staff and Ticket Audit Log, to track report of how many times the ticket is updated/ edited before closure
  • Cycle time report which reveals how long the response/ communication take place for every request
  • Product/ Service for which maximum number of tickets is raised and the severity of the ticket
  • Demographic data of customers and their type of queries


Realtime analytics is represented pictorially via Charts and Graphs This gives snapshot of the entire reports in a single view.


Uniflow is a web based solution which can be configured on

  • On Cloud
  • Standalone Servers within premises

Technology: Open Source

  • Server-Side Scripting Language: PHP
  • Client-Side Scripting Language: JavaScript, jQuery
  • Database: MYSQL