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Secure Share

Secure ShareSharing documents in an office environment is everyday task.  People share the documents to their colleagues, managers & clients via mail or any popular cloud environment. For any office, organization or SMBs, the biggest concern in this method is “Document Management” and “Data Security”.Document sharing via cloud or email proved to be an ineffective way when it comes to Document Management, Data Security & Cost. Know More…

“Secure Share” is an excellent software tool to share your personal / office files in a secure way without depending on any external services. The script can be installed in virtual, shared or dedicated Linux/Windows hosting environments. “Secure Share” is a fully customizable script to suit various industries across globe. It is designed flexibly to adopt industries such as Banking, Finance, Health Care, Educational Institutions and ensures security & privacy of data in all formats.

 Set your own privacy rules for your data, control where your data resides and by whom it should be accessed!

“Secure Share” Features

Document Management & Classification: “Secure Share” provides flexibility to segregate and manage the document even for the organizations with complex hierarchical structure.

Administration Dashboard:  Monitor the users file sharing in a finger touch! anywhere any time!

Advanced User Management: Manage user accounts for your employees, customers, business partners at ease. Import users from external applications with “secure share”.

Access control with granular level permissions:  Stop your employees from sharing the organization’s sensitive information by creating your own privacy rules. Restrict access according to projects, groups & users and ensure complete control and visibility on employee’s files upload and file sharing activities. “Lock file” mechanism allows complete control over the document accessibility and download.

Don’t let your organization’s sensitive data scattered around the internet! Get “Secure Share” and put an end to security vulnerabilities. Ensure your data is protected. Always!

Statistics & Graphs: View the statistics in pictorial format. “Secure Share” supports Histogram, Pie & line chart formats and ensure easy visualization and understanding of organizational activities. “Secure Charts” assures full visibility on what’s going around your organization. Daily, weekly, Monthly activity, statistics & analysis of an organization or employee becomes handier.

Collaboration & Messaging:  “Secure Share” allows your employees to do one-to-one chat, post comments on the shared documents etc. “Secure Share” is architecturally designed for higher collaboration between employers.

Real time Notifications: Customize the application get notifications on every activity (Email, Chats, Messages)

Activity Tracking (User, Groups & Organization): Track, tail and monitor the document sharing from end to end.  Easy auditing of uploads and shares at a one centralized point.

Workflow notification mailer: Set a “Date Time Threshold” for each document to send customized email notifications and alerts.

REST API support: Integrate “Secure Share” with the existing application using Restful API support.

Complete application logs: Monitor anything & everything! complete and detailed logs of “Secure Share” helps the administrator to monitor activities even at micro levels.

Multilingual: “Secure Share” supports support four major languages English, Spanish, German & French

Device independent: Access your files anywhere any time with your mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop.

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