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Agile Methodology

AgileShasta follows “Agile Methodology” to build applications for increased customer satisfaction by continuous delivery.
Agile is a buzz word in IT industry and when you ask people to define agile, you will get a whole lot of definitions from their perspective… So what is “Agile Methodology?” how does this methodology helps in developing software applications?

What is Agile

Agile“Agile” is nothing but monitoring the project flow by iterative and continuous delivery”. In agile every delivered aspect of the project contains analysis, design, development and testing phases. Agile approach to software application development greatly reduces the gap between development time and cost. Requirement gathering and development can go hand in hand in agile, since work cycle in agile methodology cannot go more than two weeks; it gives an opportunity for the team to re-work on the past mistakes.


Advantages of Agile
  • The Quality of the project is un-compromised since every phase of the project is tested and delivered periodically.
  • Customer satisfaction is always high, agile methodology is designed for better interaction between customer, developers and testers.
  • An agile approach provides opportunities for the customer to get involved in every aspect of the project.
  • Frequent requirements changes by the customers don’t affect the quality, even late change in the requirements are welcome.
  • Late deliveries are rare, time and cost of the project are easily predicable.
  • Decisions on priority are made by the customers so the team gets to know what the customer focus is.
  • Developers and testers easily adapt to the change of requirements throughout the project.
  • Software applications built using agile methodology addresses the business and customers’ needs to a greater extent rather than using traditional approach.