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Problems with public cloud


Sharing documents in an office environment is everyday task.  People share the documents to their colleagues, managers & clients via mail or any popular cloud environment. For any office, organization or SMBs, the biggest concern in this method is “Document Management” and “Data Security”.

Document sharing via cloud or email proved to be an ineffective way when it comes to Document Management, Data Security & Cost. Files sharing via cloud doesn’t hold enough mechanisms to limit the users from sharing / editing the files. Even if they do, over the period of time, setting different levels of permissions to files becomes a messy and cumbersome process. Any human error while sharing files can end up in displaying the company’s sensitive data to the outside world.

  • Organizations agree that they are looking for an alternate way to save and share their sensitive data some place safe and secure other than cloud environment.
  • Documents shared via public cloud or email is not 100% secure. With limited control over their organization’s data over public cloud, most of the organizations look for a “hybrid document sharing solution” for complete control and visibility of their data assets.
  • There’s no controlled mechanism in public cloud sharing to impose restrictions to employees from sharing sensitive documents.
  • Use of un-authorized file sharing application by the employees creates multiple repositories resulting in significant amount of data heap to create a situation where “Data governance” and “Data security” becomes extremely difficult and complicated to manage and maintain.