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Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce, Enterprise MobilityUsing mobile phones for searching the nearest location, store, shops, products etc. in the nearest vicinity has increased to three fold. Consumers today are not reluctant to share their location provided they get useful information from the search. Consumers’ willingness to share their geo-location has changed the way of advertising and marketing industry campaigns. Stats prove geo-targeted ads perform two times better when compared to traditional ad campaigns. Geo-targeted campaigns provide huge amount of historical data about the   consumers, for the sales and marketing team to make use of the data in identifying the key performance areas or indicators.

“Geo-targeted ads campaigns have high success rates when compared to traditional ad campaigns…”

Mobile Commerce , Geo Targeting“Geo-location based ads”

Detect the consumer’s current location and send him text messages and push notifications on Coupons, Sales offers, events etc…
“For example, A Pizza Shop owner identified that, 50 of his customers are inside the shopping mall where his shop is located. So he decides to sell them Pizza at slashed prices and sends them immediate SMS or push notifications immediately!”

Mobile Commerce, Geo Fencing“Geo-fencing based ads”

Detect the customer’s location, say customers around one mile radius of his shop location and target the customers with their sales and promotional ads. For example, a consumer driving in a highway is a mile away from the shop owner’s location. As soon as the consumer enters the merchant’s Geo-fence, ads are sent to the consumer on sales and promotional offers. The merchant can also “Geo-conquest” with his competitor by sending the discount coupons, prizes etc.