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Enterprise Mobility SolutionsSmart Phone is an essential enabler of everyday life, while people get addicted using smart phones as it has become a ‘tool of all communications’ as well as an entertaining device. As a number of people communicating via online is going rapidly, employers are now recognizing the value of mobilizing their business for increased productivity and quick decision making.It’s important how the data reaches different levels of employees in your organization for the employees to make right and quick decisions. Mobile applications make this possible by providing new real-time data to their employees any time anywhere. Corporate, small or medium business companies understand the ongoing trend in the mobile world, owing a dedicated mobile app for the business to interact with customers or employers has become the order of the day.

“Transform your enterprise and business through mobility”

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Recent study says 70 % of the employees agree that enterprise mobile apps helps them to increase their productivity and saves lot of their time and effort. Stats prove companies get an addition of 240+ hours’ of work from every employee because of mobile apps.

Enterprise Mobility , GeotargetingOne of the greatest advantages of owning a mobile app for your business is that, business promotions, notifications, near real time data needed for the employees etc. can be made available to them in one touch.Over years Shasta has demonstrated command over the handshake between the various technologies that have interplay to obtain the desired outcome with respect to the demanding mobile App user in terms of functionality, performance with flexibility.

Enterprise Mobility , Geofencing

“We here at Shasta understand the ongoing mobile trends in corporate world and small business. We develop, deploy and monitor your mobile apps and keep you ahead in data security and user experience”

Bring your marketing, sales, operations, field services, finance, human resource, customer support in one place.Go for “Shasta’s Mobility Solutions”

Mobility Solutions & BENEFITS
  • Mobilize your business for increased productivity, enhanced communication and improved efficiency.
  • Collect and store your field data in real time. EM is an optimal way to collect your customer’s feedback and business inquires.
  • Identify your target customers by their Geo location. Make your sales and promotional offers, advertisements in real-time.
  • Mobile app changes your way of advertising, helps you to be in race in of ongoing online market
  • Bring “Data Visualization” into mobile. Ongoing market trends, Charts, Graphs at your finger tip.
  • Owning an App gives you branding and retains customer loyalty.
  • Increased customer turnaround, sales and productivity


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