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Self Service Reporting

“Self Service Business Intelligence” or “Self Service Reporting” is all about allowing the user to make decisions based on their own queries and analysis. In the other words, the business users can decide the path of analysis through a maze of information store and get profound insights on it, that benefit them and the organization in making timely and right business decisions.

“Investigate your own data, create your own ad-hoc reports and analyze patterns & trends on our own using Shasta’s BI Tool”

Self-Service vs. Traditional BI

Traditionally, people relied on programmers to analyze the data and build a spreadsheet report out of it. This report is used by the organization and individuals to make business decisions. Sadly, such reports are nowhere near real time, it’s time-consuming and complex to analyze. Using spreadsheet as a means of analyzing data has its disadvantages. People have a hard time in visualizing the data out of spread sheet or data scattered out of various spread sheets! Simply spread sheet is not a good option to drill-down and explore data.

Whenever data gets scattered across different platforms and technologies, it needs to be integrated into a single repository by a data expert or programmers in order to make an analysis out it. This is really a huge and time-consuming task. We also miss the near-real-time data analysis here.

“Set information access authorization policy across multiple levels of the organization using Shasta’s BI Tool”

This is where Self-service BI comes to your rescue. You can build reports with near real time data; provide greater business insights to your organization with simple visual analytics and trends. Using Shasta’s BI tools, you can set data restriction policy to people across multiple levels of your organization.