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Geospatial Analysis

There are many business decisions that need analysis at the Geo-spatial level, to identify market information like trends based on location information of the business dimensions.

Business Intelligence today offers wide variety of Geo-spatial analysis. This is considered to an easy way to find customers and prospects by radius search or location search. Marketing strategies have changed a lot, like using geo-coded information on customers that is by latitude, longitude, address etc. This has paved the way for new kind of marketing research and Geo-targeted marketing. GIS today plays a crucial role in making smart business decisions. Location based business intelligence play an important role in defining the business process, targets, sales and marketing approaches.

As organizations today need more location based metrics, vendors have made significant investments to develop Geo-spatial solutions.

Geospatial Analysis

“Transform your geo-data to meaningful BI. Ensure Intelligent Business Decisions are made.”

Geo Targeting

Smart phone has changed the way we think about online customers. Targeting customers by ads, coupons based on their Geo-location yield higher results compared to traditional digital marketing. Geo targeting ads are made using historical geo data of customers. Mobility related geo data provides valuable insights into customer’s portfolio.

Plan a location based marketing strategy, target your customers with timely ads and offers!