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Data Modeling

Data modeling is a blueprint for data base systems and it’s very essential in transforming a complex data structure into simple visual diagrams like charts and graphs. Data modeling can be used to provide a guided path to business specific analysis.


We see data model as yet another communication tool

Shasta is a pioneer in developing successful analytical data modes based on the insights obtained with customers in various industry domains. Shasta has experienced database designers, data architects and business analysts to design and build a need-based data model that allows the use of complex mix of business dimensional values.

We understand your business thoroughly before building a data model for you.

A successful data model should be built based on how a business organization wants to search and drill down data. We, here at Shasta make sure that the data model is robust, scalable and accurate to meet every needs of an organization.
Effective data modeling is all about transforming the data into information insights that helps the organization to grow at every level.

Successful data model! Successful data discovery!!!

Why data modeling is important
  • Acts a backbone to represent complex data structures into simple visual diagrams.
  • Well-structured, gives the micro level view of data and easy to understand.
  • Paves a way to identify & collect data into single source data which has high relevance to business needs.
  • Provides for historical data storage of all relevant information.
  • Instant querying with accurate and meaningful reports meeting almost all business reporting requirements.
  • Acts as a foundation for well-designed data warehouse or data mart.