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Data Governance

Data GovernenceOrganizations today realize the importance of data governance and are ready to invest. The problem is organizations don’t realize the fact that it takes commitment and patience to define a successful “data governance strategy”. If an organization investment on data governance is successful! In no time they realize that “data is not just data, they are an organization asset!

Data is not just data! They are organization asset!!!

Every BI tools and deliverables need solid data governance to provide reliable, consistent reports to make business decisions. Data governance in an enterprise should ensure that data is secure, consistent, available and usable at all times. Shasta has an excellent track record   of helping organizations to design and implement a successful “data governance strategy”. Developing a strategy on data governance requires careful and meticulous planning, it’s highly important in data governance to define the ownership and accountability of the data assets.

Large data assets, poor insights mean bad data governance!

It’s imperative that every enterprise should define a data governance strategy as enterprise data continuous to grow at an average rate of 30% each year.

 Beware! Bad data governance puts you at the risk of wasting time in massaging the data!

A well-structured data governance policy reduces the time gap between the data and data insights. We Shastans help you to define a strategy on data governance, process, policies, rules, definitions and workflows. If you plan on developing a data governance strategy for your organization, be wise and go for Shasta’s BI solutions!

We know your problems in data governance! We solve them!

Data governance reflects in every aspect of BI like the dashboard, data visualization, self-service reporting, self-service BI, ad-hoc reports, OLAP etc…

Solid data governance is a key behind every successful BI deliverables